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Shift how you work out with The FIT Blueprint, FLOFICIENT’s signature step-by-step learning series that will help you get so much more out of your workouts as you create your best fitness routine yet.

There’s no rush! Work though each module at your own pace, in-between enjoying your favorite yoga and fitness classes. One module per week OR one lesson per week, whichever comes easier, is a good place to start!

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  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 01 (24 Minutes)

    Episode 1

    In "Time Framework", the first official module of The Fit Blueprint, we'll lay the foundation for the following course modules by entertaining different ways to look at time!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 02.1 (20 Minutes)

    Episode 02.1

    Take a deep dive into the recent past, analyze your history, and get extra cozy with measuring your activity levels in Part I of Module 02! Then, use everything you uncover in THIS lesson to move on to Part II.

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 02.2 (24 Minutes)

    Episode 02.2

    Jump back into "Measuring Movement" with Part II! Review your history and dissect exercise guidelines to set attainable activity benchmarks that carry you forward and help you lay the groundwork for your FIT Plan.

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 03.1 (12 Minutes)

    Episode 3.1

    Tidy-up what's on your plate and reduce time drain with Module 03! In this lesson, we walk through To-Do List Tracking, a super helpful exercise that will allow you to analyze where your time and energy is going and how that impacts you in the long run. It just might make the difference between w...

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 03.2 (22 Minutes)

    Episode 3.2

    In Part II, we build off all your wonderful work in To-Do List Tracking, talk through the analysis process, and do a little tidy-up brainstorming so you can reduce time drain and reclaim the precious extra minutes you need to hit your activity benchmarks!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 04.1 (23 Minutes)

    Episode 4.1

    In Part I of Module 04, we set up the basics when it comes to maximizing your time and space throughout the week so you can start squeezing those workouts in effectively, without the rush!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 04.2 (22 Minutes)

    Episode 04.2

    Grab your Module 04 worksheet and let's get to work! This lesson is all about "Unlocking the Gridlock" and creating a loose schedule that merges your available windows of time with your activity benchmarks so you can start settling into a workable routine.

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Course Guide (Download)

    17.6 MB

    Download your course guide here! This file includes your course outline (syllabus) as well as all the worksheets you will utilize through Steps 01-03.