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Shift how you work out with The FIT Blueprint, FLOFICIENT’s signature step-by-step learning series that will help you get so much more out of your workouts as you create your best fitness routine yet.

There’s no rush! Work though each module at your own pace, in-between enjoying your favorite yoga and fitness classes. One module per week OR one lesson per week, whichever comes easier, is a good place to start!

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  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 05 (27 Minutes)

    Episode 5

    Get prepped to craft your FIT Plan in STEP 02 by understanding exercise buckets and how to use them as part of Module 05! Don't forget to download your Module 05 worksheet!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 06 (32 Minutes)

    Episode 6

    Meet The Blueprint Point System, a quick and easy solution for quantifying your progress no matter how you choose to move! This lesson will help you better understand the activity you're getting, assess how it fits into your weekly routine, and learn how to measure the overarching benefit to all ...

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 07 (35 Minutes)

    Episode 7

    Dive deep into FLOFICIENT with Module 07! In this lesson, we break down each signature class format inside the FLOFICIENT platform so you better understand how to use them to your advantage as part of your FIT Plan.

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 08.1 (14 Minutes)

    Episode 08.1

    Welcome to FIT Plan Prep! In this short video, we go over the basics you'll need to know for successfully filling in your FIT Plan Menu in Part II!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 08.2 (36 Minutes)

    Episode 08.2

    Let's dive right in! In this module, we're getting down to the nitty-gritty of crafting your FIT Plan and filling out your first FIT Plan Menu!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Course Guide (Download)

    17.6 MB

    Download your course guide here! This file includes your course outline (syllabus) as well as all the worksheets you will utilize through Steps 01-03.