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Shift how you work out with The FIT Blueprint, FLOFICIENT’s signature step-by-step learning series that will help you get so much more out of your workouts as you create your best fitness routine yet.

There’s no rush! Work though each module at your own pace, in-between enjoying your favorite yoga and fitness classes. One module per week OR one lesson per week, whichever comes easier, is a good place to start!

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  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 09.1 (17 Minutes)

    Episode 9.1

    Welcome to the first lesson of Step 03! ...wait a second, what exactly is Plan W? Find out as you learn how to adapt your plan for when life ebbs and flows!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 09.2 (25 Minutes)

    Episode 09.2

    This lesson will walk you step-by-step through filling out Plan W, your "when-in-doubt" fail-safe version of your FIT Plan.

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 10 (32 Minutes)

    Episode 10

    In Module 10, we talk navigating with your FIT Plan so you know how use Plan B & Plan W, how to switch back and forth, and when to know if a change is needed.

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 11.1 (25 Minutes)

    Episode 11.1

    This lesson will help you identify and plan for external challenges that may come your way as you do your best to stick to your FIT Plan and create consistency, week after week.

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 11.2 (21 Minutes)

    Episode 11.2

    In part two of Recognizing Resistance, we dig deeper into internal challenges that might present themselves as you do your best to follow your FIT plan and think up some agreeable fixes along the way!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 12.1 (20 Minutes)

    Episode 12.1

    Almost to the finish line! In this lesson, we break down the essence of motivation and ways to use the two primary types to your advantage so you can stay inspired to keep crushing it, workout to workout.

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Module 12.2 (39 Minutes)

    Episode 12.2

    Your last official lesson of The Fit Blueprint! In this essential send off, we dig deep into what really drives you to stay active and take a few moments to set a quality goal that will help you sail successfully into the future!

  • THE FIT BLUEPRINT: Course Guide (Download)

    17.6 MB

    Download your course guide here! This file includes your course outline (syllabus) as well as all the worksheets you will utilize through Steps 01-03.