BRISK (20 Minutes)

BRISK (20 Minutes)

5 Seasons

BUILD STRENGTH AND STAMINA: Tighten and tone with this circuit-style, total-body workout! You'll move at a BRISK pace from one exercise to the next with minimal rest in-between so you can maximize your time and results!

Practice BRISK 1-2 times per week, in alignment with your selected training plan.

Duration: 20 Minutes (approximately)

What You Need: Yoga/Exercise Mat, hand weights (light, medium, heavy)

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BRISK (20 Minutes)
  • BRISK (V04:E12)

    Episode 12

    Double up on strength as you play with pace in this tempo-based workout!

  • BRISK (V04:E11)

    Work the BACK of the body with glute bridges and back strengtheners, PLUS a little core and legs to tie it all together!

  • BRISK (V04:E10)

    Episode 10

    Slow and steady wins the race with this core, leg, and back focused workout!

  • BRISK (V04:E09)

    Episode 9

    Cardio, arms, legs, core....all in 20 minutes! It's everything you need for a quick and effective total-body workout.

  • BRISK (V04:E08)

    Episode 8

    Build your strength rep to rep with cumulative exercises!

  • BRISK (V04:E07)

    Episode 7

    Let's dip, jump, lunge, fly, and crunch for a total-body workout!

  • BRISK (V04:E06)

    Episode 6

    Sundial + Ashtavakrasna (8-limb pose)? Yep!

  • BRISK (V04:E05)

    Episode 5

    Shoulders and core? oh yes!

  • BRISK (V04:E04)

    Episode 4

    Hop, lift, plank and jog your way through this fun, 20 minute workout!

  • BRISK (V04:E03)

    Episode 3

    We're going old school with crunches and sit ups! And of course, legs and arms, too!

  • BRISK (V04:E02)

    Episode 2

    Balance, push, and re-think just how many fun things you can do in plank!

  • BRISK (V04:E01)

    Episode 1

    Take core, arms, and legs 5 reps at a time!