FOCUSED (25 Minutes)

FOCUSED (25 Minutes)

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PRACTICE ADVANCED POSES WITH PURPOSE: FOCUS your efforts on exploring a new pose or theme with every episode of this 25-minute class. Practice arm balances, backbends, inversions, deep twists or folds, strength, technique and so much more in an efficient class format that can be done alone or stacked on top of FLUID.

Practice FOCUSED one time per week, as needed, in alignment with your selected training plan or revisit your favorite episodes as often as you'd like to master a particular pose or skill.

Duration: 25 Minutes (approximately)

What You Need: Yoga Mat, Blocks/Straps (occasionally), open wall space (occasionally)

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FOCUSED (25 Minutes)
  • FOCUSED (V05:E06)

    Episode 6

    When's the last time you grabbed your big toe in side plank....until today?!

  • FOCUSED (V05:E05)

    Episode 5

    Try your hand (or should I say foot!) at 3-legged wheel pose.

  • FOCUSED (V05:E04)

    Episode 4

    Try out ALL the pieces of Gomukhasana as well as more challenging version of Fish Pose.

  • FOCUSED (V05:E03)

    Episode 3

    Try your hand at backbends as you FOCUS on Dancer, half-bow, and camel pose.

  • FOCUSED (V05:E02)

    Episode 2

    Work THREE inversions into your yoga practice in just 25 minutes with headstand, handstand prep, and dolphin/forearm balance!

  • FOCUSED (V05:E01)

    Episode 1

    FOCUS on your shoulder strength as you practice Dolphin Pose and kicking up into forearm balance (Pincha Mayurasana).