GLIDE (15-Minutes)

GLIDE (15-Minutes)

2 Seasons

Welcome to GLIDE, your 15-minute yoga flow for early mornings or busy days! Use this class anytime you need a short, active break from the day or stack it on top of one of our signature fitness classes for the best of both worlds!

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GLIDE (15-Minutes)
  • GLIDE (V01:E05)

    Balance, bind, and stretch in this short, sweet, and powerful 15-minute FLO.

  • GLIDE (V01:E04)

    Episode 4

    Glide through Warrior II, Sumo Squats, and Half Moon as you make the most of your 15-minutes!

  • GLIDE (V01:E03)

    Episode 3

    GLIDE through Twisted Chair, Humble Warrior, and Warrior III as you release your shoulders.

  • GLIDE (V01:E02)

    Episode 2

    Loosen up stiff muscles as you GLIDE through Chair, High Lunge, and Warrior III.

  • GLIDE (V01:E01)

    Episode 1

    Glide through twists and side body stretches in this dynamic 15-minute FLO.