GLIDE (15 Minutes)

GLIDE (15 Minutes)

Welcome to GLIDE, your 15-minute yoga flow for early mornings or busy days! Use this class anytime you need a short, active break from the day or stack it on top of one of our signature fitness classes for the best of both worlds! No need to go in any specific order with this one. You'll see a new episode come through anytime there's a 5th Monday in the month.

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GLIDE (15 Minutes)
  • GLIDE: Series 04

    Glide through Warrior II, Reverse Triangle, and Side Angle with this fun and dynamic 15-minute FLO.

  • GLIDE: Series 03

    Let's GLIDE through this 15-minute yoga flow, intended to wake up your core and open up shoulders.

  • GLIDE: Series 02

    Rise and GLIDE! In Series 02 we're heating things up with a few quick backbends and twists to create mobility across your spine.

  • GLIDE: Series 01

    Let's get right to it today as we warm up and GLIDE through a few sun salutes and standing poses!