BRISK-HIIT (10 Minutes)

BRISK-HIIT (10 Minutes)

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SWEAT LIKE YOU MEAN IT: Feel the burn with BRISK-HIIT (aka High Intensity Interval Training), a blood-pumping boost of energy to brighten your mood and day! Give it everything you've got as you quickly work through strength, core, and cardio exercises, taking short bouts of rest in-between. It's only 10-minutes, but it packs a punch! Ready, set, let's go!

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BRISK-HIIT (10 Minutes)
  • BRISK HIIT (V05:E03)

    Episode 3

    Your obliques and shoulders will feel this one as you take side planks, shoulder presses, and rows 20 seconds at a time.

  • BRISK HIIT (V05:E02)

    Episode 2

    Mix things up with both reps and static holds in classic strength exercises.

  • BRISK HIIT (V05:E01)

    Episode 1

    Boost your arms and leg strength with 10-minutes of muscle-warming curls, squats, and kick-backs!