CLIMB (20 Minutes or Less)

CLIMB (20 Minutes or Less)

Say "Hello!" to CLIMB, a quick boost of core and cardio work that will wake you up and get your blood pumping in 20 minutes or less! Use each unique class anytime you need a short, active break from the day or stack it on top of another signature class to double your fun! No need to go in any specific order. You'll see a new episode come through anytime there's a 5th Monday in the month.

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CLIMB (20 Minutes or Less)
  • CLIMB: Series 04

    15 is the name of the game! Work your way though 15 reps or 15 seconds of each total-body exercise.

  • CLIMB: Series 03

    It's the rule of 3! 3 exercises, 3 reps each, 3 times over! It's a super fun way to increase your cardio endurance :)

  • CLIMB: Series 02

    10, 20, 30, repeat! This workout keeps your on your toes and moving quick from one exericse to the next, with plenty of jogging to get your heart rate up!

  • CLIMB: Series 01 (20 Minutes)

    10 rounds, 10 exercises, adding on one at a time. It's a boost of core and cardio you won't forget!
    Duration: 20 Minutes